Meet Gabby

My goal is to empower people of all ages to Embrace Change. Our world is changing at a fast pace, my coaching and my inspiring talks will help you embrace the changes you are encountering.


Gabby “Tailor-makes’ each presentation for each event. You will never get a “cookie-cutter” speech. She will take the time to understand your needs, your culture, and your goals to ensure a powerful impact for the event and of those attending.


Groups Session Coaching for your Event, Seminar or Convention. A Group Session is a robust way to brainstorm, train and even inspire your attendees. Gabby knows your Group is unique and will work with you to make it impactful for attendees.

Change Coach

Coaching is all about you! It is a powerful tool to help you make Choices. Coaching closes the gap between where you are and were you want to be. We experience changes throughout our lives, so my 1:1 coaching sessions are for everyone!

Hi! I’m Gabby and I have a few questions for you…

Are you looking, maybe even searching, for something "MORE"? Is there something you want to Change in your life? Or did your life just suddenly and unexpectedly Change?

Yes, I can help you EMBRACE CHANGE!

You only have to do three things:

I embrace Change. 

I did this by facing the CHANGE, making a CHOICE, then finding my OPPORTUNITY! 

I can show you, how you can do this! 

I am aware that most people fear Change…I just don’t understand WHY? 

Think about it… 

If you had never changed you would be still a baby laying in your Mother’s arms!!! 

" Change is Inevitable... Choice is your Opportunity! "
Gabby Harigan

My Podcast is unique, just like you!